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Welcome To Mobile Broadband Page

Mobile broadband (strictly speaking Mobile Internet as the QOS doesn't meet international Broadband definitions) is the name used to describe various types of wireless high-speed internet access through a portable modem, telephone or other device.

There's a wealth of different options open to you when it comes to dongles for laptops. These are the small plastic devices that you'll see listed by the dozen throughout the comparison tables on our site. Mobile broadband allows you to stay online just about anywhere, but without a dongle you'll be going nowhere fast.
A dongle acts as a sort of bridge between the mobile broadband supply, which comes via the airwaves in the same way as a mobile phone signal, and the device you’re using to access online activities, which is usually a laptop or netbook computer. Dongles for laptops will invariably fit any make and model, just as long as you have the right USB socket built-in to the machine, which unless you have an antiquated machine shouldn't be an issue.

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Dongles for laptops
Getting started with a dongle is easy enough because they simply plug into an available USB port on the computer, laptop or netbook that you're using for the job. A couple of minutes spent configuring the mobile broadband dongle and you should then be able to browse the web and catch up with your emails on the go. Dongles for laptops are everywhere these days and they're all generally of a decent standard.
In quite a few cases it’s now possible to get a free dongle, although this is largely in relation to pay monthly dongle deals, and these are covered in our comparison tables. You might find that it’s worth looking into contract dongles instead of pay-as-you-go packages as these generally allow much more freedom because you’re paying the mobile broadband provider for the privilege and committing to them for a fixed period of time.