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Welcome To Gas & Electricity Page

Switching Gas and Electricity suppliers is a great way to save you money. Now you are no longer tied to one provide you are free to choose from all UK Gas & Electricity suppliers in your area. Switching energy supplier with us is a simple and quick process, taking no more than 5 minutes. Our service is completely free and we will arrange the switch with your old suppler and your new supplier for you. And remember we compare the whole domestic UK Gas & Electricity market so you won't find cheaper prices anywhere on the internet.

EBICO Energy

Ebico Ltd goal is to provide a competitive, fairer offer for domestic electricity and gas to British households. Many people select us because our costs are more inexpensive for them. And many others select us because they have knowledge about our costs are fairer for all and sundry. yet others select us for our unique carbon-offsetting service, and because our tariff structure is easy, transparent and simple.

National Trust Green Energy

We have been performing work with partnership with green electricity supplier Good Energy to develop an energy ahead that will assist and maintain the nation’s specific places fit for generations to arrive.

Spark Energy

Spark Energy has been proud to present its clients a balance of customery and green energy selecions so clients can assist to produce a reasonable, responsible energy here after

Good Energy

We prodide more than 40,000 clients and favour more than 59,000 homes, business and communities producing their own energy. We have got our own wind farm in Delabole, North Cornwall.

ecotricity Energy

Green Electricity was not existed in the world before 1996. When we provided it for being pioneer, we did not become just in Britain but the world first class Green Electricity company and we started the global Green Electricity movement now. Our target was and remains to reforms the path of electricity is producce and spread in Britain.

Energy - Gas And Electricity
Today's electricity and gas markets give the consumer a choice of supplier, rates and contract type. This brings opportunity for the wise but possible disaster for those who think that they can cope unaided.
The energy needs for the UK’s businesses and households come from gas and electricity, which – in the case of gas – is largely imported or provided by a network of more than 2,000 power stations. The power plants rely mostly on coal, gas and nuclear energy for their electricity generation, although some 4 per cent of UK electricity comes from renewable energy installations, such as wind farms and hydroelectric power.
Britain’s gas and electricity supply is divided into many different regions, which originally had only one energy supplier. After deregulation occurred in 1999, customers have been able to choose between a number of gas and electricity providers.

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The easiest way to find out which provider supplies gas and electricity to a home or business is to look at the name on a recent bill. If this cannot be found, the Meter Number Helpline is always available on 0870 608 1524. An electricity supplier can also be found by contacting the distributor for the area in question. The electricity distributor can be found in any local phone directory.
Most areas give customers the option of a dual fuel plan, whereby both gas and electricity is supplied by the same energy provider. Such deals are usually cheaper than a single fuel plan, where different providers supply the gas and electricity, because with a dual fuel plan the suppliers usually offer reduced rates and discounts. There is also the advantage of only having to deal with one company in the event of any problems or queries.
Most gas and electricity providers levy a standing charge for their services – a fixed charge made for each day that the customer is connected to the energy network. The charge does not correspond to the amount of gas and electricity used but is meant to pay for the cost of maintaining the network. Occasionally you will find an energy plan without a standing charge, although these plans may charge more per energy unit. Gas and electricity bills are calculated according to how many units of energy are consumed, as well as the standing charge.