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Welcome To Broadband Page

The brand which; symbolize reliability, creativity, quality and matchless customer experience. BT’s wide ranges of broadband services are formed to cater your needs and to comfort you. You can either choose to find solution of your problems by yourself or ones that are suggested by the company for you through revolutionary online portals. Standardized or next generations’ all packages are optimized for mission-critical business use plus extra assurance of Service Level of Agreements and high levels of availability. BT product list of broadband includes ADSL Exchange Activate, BT DataStream, BT IPstream, BT IPstream Connect, BT Internet Access, BT Internet Backbone, BT Plusnet Partner, Broadband Max, I Plate, Surfport, Wholesale Broadband Connect (WBC), Wholesale Broadband Managed Connect (WBMC) and Wholesale Content Connect.


At the plateform of uSwitch.com, we view you all the best broadband package offers on the market, show with all the important features highlighted so that you can select the better internet presenter and broadband package swiftly and simply.


Just easy still strong business broadband, having no compromise on quality&standard. Matchless value all inclusive business broadband and calls, at a fixed cost you can trust in. Having No bill worries.


Assist in saving and protecting your home from dodgy sites and internet baddies with Sky Broadband Shield. Select the age categories and potections features to design your requirements. Bravely save your home from malware-infected phishing websites applying Sky Broadband Shield, along with at no extra price for Sky Broadband clients.


No requirements to move finding for wifi. select a 3G or 4G dongle to connect your laptop to the internet when you are out and about. Or have an O2 Pocket Hotspot, and generate your own wifi hotspot to connect your tablet, laptop or any other wifi make able gadgets. Move online with up to 5 devices.


Broadband Genie presents a location where consumers can be taught about home broadband, mobile broadband, tablet PCs and smartphones . But more essentially you can also get broadband presenters in an unbiased, independent, plain English atmosphere


BT Broadband is part of BT Group plc, which claims to be world’s oldest telecommunication company. BT is now operating in more than 170 countries; that makes BT one of the world’s leading providers of communications solutions and services. BT Group plc’s principal activities include networked IT services, local, national and international telecommunications services, and higher value broadband and internet products and services.

BT broadband is one of the leading internet service providers in United Kingdom, with currently 4,600,000 numbers of users (including PlusNet, which it owns) in partnership with yahoo; using its variety of broadband packages, providing its customers up to 20Mb of speed. You will find everything of your requirement like wireless broadband, online security, parental controls, cheap broadband calls, secure online storage, FREE 24/7 customer support and more in BT broadband packages. BT has launched a new product called Infinity (in response of Virgin Media’s offer of up to 50 Mb cable broadband) using new fiber optic broadband services which offers speed up to 40 Mb in some areas of Wales, London's Muswell Hill and Whitchurch in Cardiff. BT is aiming for a wider roll-out in 2010.

The founder of broadband in UK, BT has the infrastructure which is required by all other broadband services providers to put ADSL internet (except Virgin Media, which uses its own cables) into your home. The number of users of BT broadband makes it biggest fixed-line broadband provider, its 'Home Hub' wireless router is well regarded, and it offers a good variety of products. From a straight broadband deal to multiple offers like mobile phones, mobile broadband dongles and television services, BT offers broadband, phone line and digital TV, it also offers 24/7 customer services and technical support.

At British Telecom, we're always striving to include more as standard with BT Broadband. Until 31 May, you can get 3 months free calls, broadband and TV with any of our Anytime packages. Plus, BT Broadband offers the best speed available on your line up to a super-fast 20Mb.
We're also rolling out even faster broadband of up to 40Mb download speeds with BT Infinity, our new fibre-optic broadband service. Check your speed to find out whether it's available to you now.
Whichever BT Broadband packages you go for, you'll get everything you need to get the most out of your BT internet connection.
Wireless broadband, online security, parental controls, cheap broadband calls, secure online storage, FREE 24/7 customer support and more is all included as standard.
The deals compared below are suitable for the average internet user. Most of these broadband offers give you enough download limit for occasional downloads and browsing the internet everyday for emails, web searches or online shopping. Even if you exceed the limit for download, you will get a warning from the ISP after which you can switch to a service with unlimited bandwidth. If you are unsure, check out the other deals aswell, as there is very little difference in terms of the price.
If you shop online and check your favourite websites daily, you'll love Sky Broadband Everyday - our standard broadband package. Get it for just £5 a month with Sky TV and Sky Talk
We're withdrawing Sky Broadband Everyday for new customers from 1 June. But the good news is that, from 1 September, we'll be moving our Everyday customers to Sky Broadband Unlimited with up to 20Mb downloads (depending on location) and unlimited usage – at our new lower price of £7.50 a month for Sky TV customers with Sky Talk (or £12.50 a month with Sky TV).
If you don't want to move to Sky Broadband Unlimited, you'll also be able to move to our free Sky Broadband Everyday Lite service at £5 a month with Sky TV (or free with Sky TV & Sky Talk) and up to 20Mb downloads and a 2GB usage allowance.

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